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November 13 2017

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Spectacular Puma Shot

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Poster for the video: I am not just a Survivor
timeline: from Lexa was born to she becomes commander. Hope you like it kru!

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Yes hi hello, guess who has been enjoying @breezered‘s Star Trek Clexa AU and decided to do a drawing with what is probably a wildly inaccurate portrayal of their uniforms. (Me. The answer is me).

Anyways, go read the fic.

November 12 2017


i can’t confirm this with science but i like to think queen carrie fisher is using her new heavenly powers to help us enact vengeance upon the scum of hollywood

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- Carl Sagan, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Happy Birthday to one of my personal heroes, Carl Edward Sagan (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996)

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Texas Hill Country! Ranger Crossing on the Medina River

November 11 2017

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EARNING IT BACK, by sassymajesty

It’s been six years since she walked out on Lexa, knowing she had broken her heart, knowing she would cry and mull over the words she had said, words that were too hard, words she didn’t have the right to say, words Lexa didn’t deserve to hear. It’s been six entire years and Clarke had never expected Lexa to wait for her, but something inside of her coils tightly when she thinks that she might never be able to make Lexa understand how much she changed her life, willingly or not, knowingly or not.

She owes it to herself to knock on Lexa’s door and wait and pray she will let her get the words out before all hell breaks loose, before she kicks and screams and punches Clarke like she’s pretty sure Lexa wants to - if she were Lexa she’d want her head on a stick.

Gritting her teeth so hard she’s half afraid of grinding them to dust, Clarke raises her fist and knocks on the door.

or, the bargaining for more sequel. posted on ao3 and patreon.

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this makes me so happy

Reposted bydemoralizuje demoralizuje

November 10 2017

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@weasal this is giving me heavy ‘that thing that you’re currently writing’ vibes

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Hidden Figures (2016) dir. Theodore Melfi




Anyways, while y'all continue to obsess over CW who has continuously done the LGBT community wrong, I will be obsessing over Syfy and Freeform who are underrated and trying their best to represent us on most of their shows.

I guess we all gave up on Syfy after the disaster that was Defiance.

Syfy betrayed us all with Warehouse 13.  

November 09 2017

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It always comes back
to you, to us &
to how we almost were.

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will your g h o s t stay here in the dark
so close, while i fall apart
when you go, i will keep your h e a r t
i’m nothing to no one but you

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Clexa Fic Rec

The Red King Awake by @entirelytookeen

Klark wakes up.

November 08 2017

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clexa + war tables

November 07 2017

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Autumn river in france

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I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

November 06 2017

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around croatia in 30 places

↳ dubrovnik; “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik” George Bernard Shaw

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